Thursday, September 4, 2008

I can't watch tv anymore!

I just have to express my absolute disgust in the news media. When did it become acceptable to deliver personal opinions rather than the true facts?! I was watching the Republican Convention last night and I was bombarded by personal opinions from democratic idiots. I wish there was a way to change things back to the way they were many years ago. Stop trying to sway people with personal opinions, we are smart, we can make up our minds based off of sheer fact.

And another thing, why do celebrities think we care who they support? Most of these people are glorified drop outs. That doesn't give them any political gusto. Most didn't attend college. Let alone major in something relevant to politics... they majored in art!! Woo hoo... that gives a leg to stand on in the political arena. I just wish they would keep their opinions to themselves and stop trying to influence the young voters.

I will now step off of my soap box because I feel much better!

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