Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was tons of fun. Abigayl was actually able to go down to the water a little more and I wasn't so room-bound. Rusty, Abigayl and I took walks every day. There was tons of family so Abigayl was always in someones arms!! I think she really enjoyed all of the attention. I think a couple of times she actually looked around the room to make sure everyone had their eyes on her!

On Saturday night, Ronnie boiled some shrimp. I'll tell you what.... the Cajun's know how to boil some shrimp!! It was delicious! I was in hog heaven! I wish I would have gotten some pictures with every one's hands and fingers all messy with their piles of shells in front of them..... mmmm.

Last time I was at the lake I got hurt on the hot dog. This time at the lake I dove off the dock (like I have done all summer) Only this time.... my legs and feet scraped the rocks that were just 4-5 feet below the surface. Not fun. I should have taken pictures of my war wounds!

We had the usual activities of water skiing, tubing, hot dogging, jet skiing. Here are my pretty nieces getting ready to ride the blow up jet ski.
They only fell off a couple of times. Looked like fun!
After a long day of playing in the water... time to head up for food.
Abigayl's first time on the boat. It was 7 am and the water was so calm.
Abigayl playing with the wheel while daddy got his fishing pole out!
Rusty can drive and fish.... very talented! But, no luck with the fish that morning.
Such a sweet angel... she was great all weekend.
Ronnie helping me with the big girl! I don't thin she really like the life jacket at first. But then the rocking of the boat put her straight to sleep!
Abigayl with her beautiful cousins.... now there is a blond, brunette and a red head!

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