Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Christmas Season

Making Christmas crafts and decorating the felt ornaments for our felt Christmas tree

A couple of our Christmas crafts
Decorating the Christmas tree!!

Decorating cookies for Santa

He did such a great job!!
Christmas Eve present!

He made sure ALL the tape was off the box
Brennyn wouldn't open his, so his brother did it for him

milk, cookies and a carrot for the reindeer!
Santa came!
We bought the kids new stockings while in Disney World

Finally a vehicle they can ride together in!
Brennyn LOVES books!

Brennyn picked up ALL of the candy (from Rowynn's stocking!) and Rowynn looked through the toys.

Thanks grandma Diana!!!

Wow! Thanks grandma Diana!

Thanks for the food and fruit cutting kit grandma!
Rowynn loves his "computer"!
Even though it was freezing outside, he took his jeep for a spin around the yard.

Grandma Linda and granny dropped by to have dinner with us!
They even played Hungry Hippo!

He loves his new game

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