Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disney World Adventure

On our way to DISNEY WORLD!!
A little laid back fun in the St. Louis airport
Finally at a park! Eating dinner in Morocco while everyone else had fish and chips from England. Let me just say that the food in Morocco was AMAZING.
Thanks to the nice Moroccan guys, the boys enjoyed some chips.
The Moroccan square, absolutely beautiful. It's funny that some snub their noses at Epcot, it is my favorite park! Food, culture, food, rides, food... did I mention the food?!
The boys' first ride of trip!!

We are ready for some under water adventures with Nemo :-)
Are they not the handsomest guys?! I sure am one lucky lady.
I think they enjoyed it!!
 After our Nemo ride, we headed in to Turtle Talk with Crush, AWESOME!! I loved it. Especially when Rowynn made us a part of the show by going up to the screen. Crush said, "It looks like we have a visitor! Hey dude. Oh, here comes mom", as I was walking up to get Rowynn he continued with, "ready, 1,2,3 SNATCH!". If it wouldn't have been so dark, I think my face would have been crimson and I had the goofiest, cheesiest grin on my face!
Time to head back to our room.

The next morning was breakfast with Mickey at Chef Mickey's... so wonderful, but so overpriced. I'm thankful we had the meal plan!!
Not sure who was more excited, me or the kids! It was so lovely getting to watch my kids react to each of the characters.
One of my favorite photos from the trip

One of my other favorite pictures from the trip.... SMOOCH!

This was a tree, wall and house all made of gingerbread at The Contemporary Resort... amazing.

Thanks to a wonderfully nice lady on the monorail, the boys were able to enjoy a sucker on our way to The Magic Kingdom.
Sorry for the lack of pictures from Magic Kingdom, I think Rusty has plenty on his phone, which I will put in a separate post tonight.
At the park Rusty and Rowynn rode the race cars and Rowynn LOVED the talking trash can in Tommorowland. We were also able to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride before we headed back to the room for naps and it's when Brennyn decided to get sick all over Rusty on the bus. So, the boys all had a rest while I spent the afternoon doing laundry and sitting by the pool reading, in my shorts, in the middle of December. It was awesome. Not the Brennyn getting sick or the laundry, but the rest.
I will fill in the gaps when I get Rusty's pictures uploaded. So for now, we will skip over to the next day...
ANIMAL KINGDOM!! Headed out on a safari.
Yup, I'm there too.
LOVE hippos. Not sure what makes them so cute, but they are.

Wouldn't want to fall in that water!!
They were SO close, it was awesome.

The upside down tree, pretty cool
Yes, those are two baby elephants!
I wish I could work at Animal Kingdom, it would be awesome.

The story of the trip, Brennyn being tired. This kid slept horribly the WHOLE week.

Our first view of the castle at night, breathtaking.

A break from lunch at Coral Reef to run and play outside!

Headed to have breakfast with Donald and the gang at Animal Kingdom. Wonderful breakfast and fun for the kids!

Big Hug!
Brennyn's turn :-)

The boys LOVED this ride. We rode it 10 times during the week! I think Rowynn was pretty thrilled to get to ride with grandpa. Brennyn was asleep or he would of been right there with them.
Rowynn's first time getting his face painted!
Aaarrrrgh.... pirate Rowynn
Look close, above the recycle can. Rowynn really liked her!

Train ride to the petting zoo
I'm there too! And I got my face painted as well, Christmas Tinkerbell.

FINALLY got to ride Expedition Everest. It was awesome, but between it, the dinosaur ride the boys liked and the bus ride back to the room, I had motion sickness that made me get sick twice. It sucked. 

Our picture from Chef Mickey's
Our picture from Donald's Safari Breakfast

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