Thursday, December 27, 2012

Disney World by Rusty: Part 1

Headed for Orlando!!!
Stole his brother's "case", which isn't anything new ;-)
Got to see the cockpit, I was shocked they still allowed that. Rowynn was scared, but I'm glad he was able to do it.
We flew Southwest and I have either never flown with them before, or it has been ages, because our flight crew on both of our flights heading to Orlando were AMAZING. Best customer service I have ever had on an airline.

Big shout out to Alex, our lead flight attendant on the Tulsa to St. Louis flight, he should be in comedy clubs because he is HILARIOUS!! He made that flight so much fun. He even gave us enough bags of pretzels to get us through our whole week at Disney World!!
Rockin' in St. Louis
Nom, nom... donuts!
Almost to Orlando!!
Checking out the lobby at Pop Century

Grandma and Grandpa rented scooters and I think Rowynn thought that was the best ride at Disney World
Grandpa and Brennyn
With full bellies, it is time to ride our first ride!!
Love Brennyn's expression!
Brennyn loves fish, so this was pretty great for him!
With the boys down for the night, us parents sneaked back out and headed for Hollywood Studios to get in some of the big rides. We were also able to get an awesome view of the light show. Breathtaking!

Breakfast with Mickey and the gang!! Even as an adult, it was pretty exciting. Super expensive though and made me grateful we had the meal plan. Two adults cost almost $80... it was nuts.

Grandma Patty and Grandpa

Rowynn rode the cars with daddy while I pushed sleeping Brennyn around
Once Brennyn woke up, we all headed over to the Buzz Lightyear ride. Here is grandma Patty and grandpa's reactions to the ride and here is Brennyn and I.....
Rusty and Rowynn were turned around in their picture :-(
A very clever way to get toys out of the way so vacuuming can take place!
Popcorn was a staple during our trip! The boys asked for popcorn everyday. It was pretty tasty though.

Time for dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe! The service was slow and not wonderful, but the food was pretty tasty!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to play games in the arcade

The boys' first set of Mickey ears! I LOVED these hats the moment I saw them.
Rowynn couldn't pass up the yummy chocolate donut... Yum
The boys loved this ride! I think we went on it 4-6 times, in a row.
Rowynn spotted Pluto and Goofy, so of course we had to get a picture!
Wait, we need to ride it again!
 After this, Rusty and I each took turns getting to ride Expedition Everest and I'm not sure if it was motion sickness from the rides or if I came down with food poisoning, but I ended up getting super sick just a couple of hours later and didn't recover until the next afternoon. It was splendid... NOT.
Time to head back to the room!!
Disney World just opened a new resort, Art of Animation, and these are all from that hotel.
 Rusty was sweet and took the boys for a walk while I laid in bed trying to get myself better. It was miserable being sick on vacation and I am so thankful that it only lasted 24 hours.

Rusty met up with his dad and stepmother for a snack...

The next morning, I still wasn't feeling great and Brennyn was in need of a morning nap, so Rusty took Rowynn to the Magic Kingdom and rode LOTS of rides.

Look at the smile on that face! So much fun with his daddy.

It's a small world after all...

Time for ice cream before mom and bubby show up!!
Rowynn had so much fun playing in this water area! I was shocked when he came over and handed me his shirt!

This is a boy who LOVES his frog!

These are brothers who LOVE each other!
Part two of Rusty's phone pictures will be up soon!!

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