Friday, December 28, 2012

Disney World by Rusty: Part 2

The giant Foosball sculpture at our resort
Brennyn skipping yet another nap! He either woke up in the middle of the night or skipped naps the WHOLE time we were gone. It was rough.

But it sure gave some great one-on-one time

Rowynn was sweeping the coconut at O'Hana. If staying at Disney, go to O'Hana, it is outstanding!!! The service was slow, but the food was amazing.
Three scoops of ice cream and this child had not one bite! Crazy kid. He did enjoy "cooking" with it though. He said he was making cookies!

Rowynn earned a lei for dancing the hula :-)
After dinner we headed to Magic Kingdom, where we found a dance party with Chip and Dale!

We all rode the car ride, which I'm not a huge fan of go karts so that explains the look of shear concentration while parking!
We also enjoyed Winnie the Pooh, until it stopped midway through and we had to walk out! That's okay, it resumed just a few minutes later and we got to re-ride it. We also rode the new Ariel ride, which has amazing animatronics!
"Where are we going next?" "I want to go to the park!"
Lunch at Coral Reef, which is not worth the money. There service was terrible and the food was not good.
Grandpa helped me keep the kids busy while grandma Patty and daddy payed

Riding the bus!
Brennyn! Get your finger out of your nose!!

Amazing sandwiches at the Earl of Sandwich shop in Downtown Disney. I had to wait for 15-20 minutes, but it was worth it! Even their cookies and brownies were incredible.
Grandpa and Grandma Patty
 I love this next series of photos....

Both boys LOVE Buzz Lightyear, so this was pretty amazing.

Watching the flamingos before breakfast with Donald and gang at Animal Kingdom. It was a GREAT breakfast, but again it was on the pricey side. Thankfully we could use our meal plan to cover it. I liked the food more at this one, but I felt there was more character interaction at Chef Mickey's.

Riding a ride with grandpa!!

It was cold that morning
Time to get his face painted for the first time!!

My little pirate

I couldn't resist! I now have kids as an excuse to act like a kid myself.

After a short train ride, we found a petting zoo!

 I really love this next series of photos as well!

My boys sure love their grandpa

Scooter ride!! Rowynn's favorite :-)
I'm beginning to see a pattern here.
Time for naps

Sugary snack time! (It was a common occurrence during the trip)
Our last dinner at Disney World :-(

Good-bye Orlando, until next time!
 Don't mind these out of place photos! Blogger decided they needed to load last for some reason :-)

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