Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween was an absolute blast this year. We decided to dress Rowynn as a fisherman and Brennyn as a clown fish. It was such a cute combination!
 Here's the little fisherman now. He had to explore the yard before we could head out. In all actuality, this was the only way to allow Rusty time to get his costume on.

 Here is my hat and pole mama!

 Look at that catch!

 And here is our little clown fish!
 Happy as a clam. No wait, happy as a fish.

 That's a HUGE fish!
 Has to get a better look....


Rusty and I decided last minute to dress up. Thankfully we have a few costumes on hand so we were able to get ready fairly quickly. We decided on him being a ghost groom and I was his ice princess bride.

Thankfully we went trick-or-treating with our friends and their kids so it allowed Rowynn a glimpse at how this whole Halloween thing works. He was a little skittish at first but, he warmed up by the third or forth house.
Once he was used to going up to doors and getting to put candy in his net, he then wanted to take things a bit further and try to enter their house. Yup, our boy has no fear of strangers.

He would even get more candy out of their bowls after he had already gotten a piece. He just got down right demanding toward the end of the night.

It was all right though. He seemed to have really enjoyed his evening and that's all that mattered to me.
 Having fun with my angel of a friend.
 Love that Katie is a picture taker. She got some shots I didn't think to! Like: Daddy and son
 Brennyn on his first ever trick-or-treating adventure
 Rowynn with his minnow net candy bag

 This is how I spent the majority of the night, pushing the fish around the neighborhood.
Rowynn trick-or-treating

I am so glad that Katie and her family let us join them on their Halloween festivities. Seeing that we live "in the country", it was nice to have a neighborhood to go have fun in. It was also nice getting to just visit with me friend while the kiddos made their rounds. 

It was a perfect night!

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