Monday, November 14, 2011

This and That

 As you may know, from my lack of blogging, things around our house are a little hectic. Rowynn does well at playing by himself but, he wants you in whatever room he is playing in. Also, he is not keen on the idea of me sitting at the computer. I assume it must be the fact that my back is turned to all of his cuteness.
 And there is a lot of cuteness.
Rowynn continues to be such a wonderful big brother. He constantly kisses Brennyn and tries to "share" his toys. His big heart never seizes to amaze me.
Now that Rowynn is 21 months, he not only enjoys being covered up with a blanket but we have finally allowed him to have one in his crib with him. I started by letting him have a blanket during his nap and then camping out by the monitor for the two hours that he slept. Once I was comfortable enough with that we moved on to letting him have one all night. 
Brennyn is huge. We had his 4 month check-up a couple of weeks ago and he weighed 18 lbs 12.5 ozs (97%). He measured in at 25 inches (85%).  
Rowynn has a new found enjoyment in coloring (with mommy's lip stick that he stole from my purse), crafts and playdoh. I am trying to find activities for his age. I'm hoping to get him a little table and an art easel for Christmas so he will have his own space to do crafts.

Rowynn has also turned into quite the climber. He can now get on our bed all by himself. He enjoys getting up there and sitting on a pillow, covering up with a blanket and turning on our TV.

Not only is he climbing, he can reach ALL of the door knobs (and deadbolts) in the house and the light switches. Thank heavens for the child protectors for the doors. Who knows where he would be!
Our chunky bear is all smiles, all day. He wakes up with a smile and when I put him down for his rests he typically smiles up at me. He rarely cries. He is really good about sitting in his swing, bouncy chair, jumper or walker, with no complaint. 
He loves bath time.
 I love seeing all of his rolls and dough like skin.
 Just look at those thighs!
I think this was the only toy I have ever seen Rowynn not willing to share with his brother. I pulled it out of storage so Brennyn could watch me do dishes and Rowynn claimed it. Crawled in it and wouldn't get out! 
 That is a mischievous face if I have ever seen one!
 I sure love this little stinker.
Rowynn plays with his playdoh at least once a day. I have finally given in and let him use a handful of my kitchen utensils. Eventually I may look into what kind of playdoh tools are available so I can have all of my kitchen items back!
Now, I'll try not to wait 2 weeks before my next post!!

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