Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Has it Really Been That Long?!

 I apologize for the lack of posts. I am amazed at how busy a twenty month old and a four month old can keep me! Brennyn is growing like a weed and I can tell he just wants to get off my lap and play with his big brother!
 You think this is chunky? Wait until I post the pictures I took at bath time last night. He is HUGE!
 He is such a sweet boy though. My goodness this kid doesn't cry. He is happy and content no matter where he is. He lets me put him in his jumper, bouncy seat or swing so I can get things done. So sweet.
 I'm pretty sure that Rowynn enjoys being a big brother. He still kisses and hugs Brennyn all the time. When it is time to get Brennyn up from a nap, it is Rowynn that is the first one through the door to get him.

 Kisses for his little brother ALL the time.
I'm just so elated to be able to post all of these family pictures. It is such a blessing having our family grow. Things are crazy, sometimes frustrating but always joyful.

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