Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Wreath

Thanks to my new obsession with Pinterest, I have been bitten by the craft bug! I have found that I thoroughly enjoy getting my craft on!

I had seen a "pin" of a really beautiful ribbon wreath that was available for purchase on Etsy for $30-$40 but couldn't bring myself to spend that much on a wreath. I decided that I would do my best to make my own.

 These are the goodies I brought home from the craft store. I ventured into Hobby Lobby and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had ribbon for 50% off!! I am also aware of the Internet coupon they offer each week and was able to get the straw wreath for 40% off. My trip to Hobby Lobby cost me $17.

I started off by roughly measuring the ribbon around the wreath and cut it where I wanted it. I then tested out that strip to make sure it was the right length. I think it ended up being ~12 inches. Throughout the process of cutting ribbon, I would test a strip around the wreath to make sure I wasn't losing length.

Once I had a giant pile of cute ribbon, I started trying them on (in knots).
 I got this far with the 10 spools of ribbon I initially bought. I would suggest buying multiples of your favorite ribbon so you are sure to have enough the first go around.

When I ran back to Hobby Lobby that night I grabbed 3 more spools and decided to hang a letter in the center. I scooped up this "S" for 2.99 and grabbed some "pumpkin orange" acrylic paint.

When I got home I painted my "S" and finished cutting and tying the rest of the ribbon. When I woke this morning I hot glued a strip of ribbon onto the "S" and then held it in the center until I figured out how far down I wanted the letter to hang. Using a little more hot glue, I glued the ribbon in place on the wreath.

I clipped another length of ribbon and figured out how I wanted it to hang on the door. I then glued down the two ends (the brown flanking each side of the white strip) and got it up on the door!
 Though it took me a few hours to get the ribbons cut and tied, I am SO pleased with the results. I believe the total amount for the wreath was ~$20-$25 and I don't think that is to bad since I'm planning on reusing it next year! So long as it holds up to our Oklahoma winds.

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