Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flying High

My mom made it possible for Rowynn, Brennyn and I to visit my family in Alaska. She was gracious enough to fly down one day and then turn around and fly back up with all of us in tow the next! 

Unfortunately, it was another trip without Rusty and I'm pretty sure I won't be traveling with the kids without him again!!

Rowynn has discovered plugs and now he is obsessed with them! The hard part at airports was keeping his sweet little fingers off of other peoples plugged in electronics.
Rowynn thought it was pretty cool to see the big airplane sitting right out the window. Granted, his interest in this big thing lasted all of two seconds before he was off to find more plugs!
Our adventure started here in Tulsa and took us to Salt Lake City where we had a relatively short layover before we boarded our plane for a 4-5 hour flight to Anchorage. In total, we traveled for roughly 10 hours in which Rowynn slept for a whopping 40 minutes. It was a long flight up! Though, I am so thankful that neither of the boys fussed.

Once we arrived, I soaked up as much family time as I could! It had been 2 years since I had seen my brother and his wonderful family. It was such a long over due visit and I am so grateful that I was able to bring both of the boys up to meet their aunt, uncle and cousins.
My sister-in-law soaked up quite a bit of baby holding! She had Brennyn trying to giggle but he just wouldn't let it out. The crazy part is that he finally giggled just a few days after I arrived home. Thanks Rach for warming him up to it!!
Rowynn really took to all of my family. It was so special for me to get to see all of my wonderful family showering both of the boys with so much love. My niece absolutely loved Brennyn! She was such a little mommy to him and it was so stinkin' cute! The boys on the other hand would talk to Brennyn but, they really liked Rowynn. They kept him constantly entertained and I think Rowynn was missing them after we got home to our quiet and "boring" house!
Thanks to all of Rowynn's cousins, he can now go up and down stairs! I was a basket case for the first week of the trip because I was always worried that he was going to take a tumble down the stairs. By the end of the trip, I was absolutely at ease.
It was so great to get to be back in a state with real mountains! Look at that view, breathtaking. 

The the boys kept trying to take Rowynn for rides in the "boy" Jeep, Rowynn preferred the Barbie Jeep! I think it was because the doors opened and closed and that it didn't move while he was in it!! Every time he got in the "boy" Jeep while his cousins were driving he would start to cry. Poor little scared boy.

There is a lack of pictures this time around because I consistently forgot my camera throughout the whole trip. So, one big event that I didn't get one single picture of was my mom's wedding. Yup, my mom got married while I was up there and I didn't get one single picture. This time it wasn't a lack of having my camera, it was lack of two or three more hands! My little children sure kept me busy that day!

My mom looked beautiful and it was a very sweet ceremony. I wish her and her new, very kind husband the best of luck and many wonderful years together.

Thanks mom for getting me up to Alaska. Thanks for helping with my kiddos for a couple of very long travel days (the leg coming home was a twelve hour day that included a 5 hour layover in SLC).

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