Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This and That

 This is a picture of Rowynn's first big booboo. We have a small step off of the front porch that he just so happened to fall off of while in the crawling position. He went face first into the sidewalk and both of his parents about had heart attacks!

Later that week I had a doctor appointment and my doctor commented that it looked like a curling iron burn!! Hahaha... I can just imagine the scolding I would get from Rusty if I tried to curl Rowynn's hair!
 After working a job that only required the small tractor, Rusty brought it home and Rowynn decided it was his toy!

What has been fun to watch, over the last couple of weeks, is how much he mimics Rusty. If Rusty has a screwdriver and is fixing something, Rowynn finds a screwdriver and does whatever Rusty is doing! All he wants is to be just like his daddy.

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