Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

 When God placed Rusty in my life, he gave me a man that is my own prince. Rusty has always been so good to me. He takes care of me. He is my biggest cheerleader. He loves me no matter what (even when I'm looking like I crawled out of the bottom of a hole!).

What I never anticipated was what an amazing father he would be. My kids are so lucky to have a daddy as wonderful as he is.
He is so hands on when it comes to our kids. I never have to worry that he won't change a diaper or give a bath. I love that he is as excited as Rowynn to come home from work. I love how much Rowynn lights up when Rusty walks through the door. I love that Rowynn cuddles with his daddy EVERY chance he gets. I even love that Rowynn chooses his daddy over me most of the time!

Thank you Rusty for being such a wonderful father. Abigayl, Rowynn, Brennyn and I all love you very much.

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kristen said...

That gave me goose bumps, what a great man!