Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You Grandma Diana!!!!

 During Abigayl's birthday weekend, Rowynn was thoroughly spoiled!! He grandma Diana bought him this play set and it has been one of the greatest additions to our backyard!
 He loves to slide and he has even attempted to teach himself how to climb the ladder, which makes Rusty and I pretty nervous!

 At first he just tried climbing up the slide. I liked that a lot better!
 Every smile...
and every giggle is so worth any nervousness I get from this play set!
 The swing! Rowynn LOVES the swing. Granted, the first day he was on the belt swing but since then we have bought him an infant/toddler swing.
 Rowynn spends a good hour or more (total for the day) in his swing. He even likes to take cat naps while he relaxes in his comfy swing.
Thank you Grandma! I think we get as much joy out of this set as Rowynn does!!

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