Thursday, August 5, 2010

Picture Time ;-)

Seeing that Rowynn is SIX MONTHS! I thought it only right that I take some pictures today.
In the last few days he has figured out how to push the Poo Bear down to make it sing!
I know he is my own but goodness he's cute!!! ;-)
Full of smiles....
and raspberries! I tell you, this kid spits as much as he drools!
So innocent.... right!


Bearbie said...

Hey Raychel;

Can you please change the font little darker, it's still so hard to read girl. thank you :)

Bearbie said...

And Mr. Rowynn is so cute, I love those pix.

Raychel said...

Thanks Leslie! I hope you like the new setup better. I appreciate you letting me know.
I'm glad you like the pictures. I'm trying to do better about taking more and posting more.