Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We have finally hit the solids stage! I am so excited to get to experience this again. Though, I have to admit that I have cheated on a few occasions with Rowynn. He got to taste icing, whipped cream, PB cup blizzard and chocolate ice cream.... all before having rice cereal!

I guess Rusty and I were a little more lenient this time around because we didn't want to miss out on him getting to try things. Plus, we didn't want him to miss out either. You never know... that is one lesson I have learned.

Anyhoo, Sunday night we gave Rowynn rice cereal and then switched it up with some peas. I'm not sure he was as eager to try it out as we were to give it to him! He still has a thrust reflex with his tongue so not much made it down the hatch. It was fun to try though.
He just looks ready!
First bite of cereal!
My turn...mmmm.... Really?! What is this stuff? Peas...I'm not so sure about this guys...

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