Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sweet Girl!

This was a very interesting weekend! I had to fish poo out of Abigayl's bath (yuk! Be glad I didn't take a picture of that for all to see!!!) Also, Abigayl has discovered her hands so anytime they are in front of her she goes into a trance!!! Other than that... mostly uneventful.

We love story time.
Every now and again I can get her to giggle when I tickle her.
I just loved her big girl outfit...
Now she sits in my lap at dinner so I can eat hot food!
Her first time getting to "help" me cook. It's nice that she can be where I'm at.
She is a pincher!!! As you can see here.
These are the beautiful flowers that my sweet hubby brought home for me... I love it when he surprises me with flowers. But that's not all, he also picked me up a Dean Koontz book. I'll get to that one after I finish the Twilight Saga.
We got her to hold on to a toy... she was swinging it around and sometimes flung it pretty good!!
She loves playing with her daddy!

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Powers Alaska said...

I recognize that little shirt!