Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Palooza

Halloween is just around the corner and seeing that for a week straight I thought Halloween was a week earlier than it was, I started cramming in as many activities as I could. We spent a day at Shepard's Cross pumpkin patch with friends and we also visited Carmichael's as a family. We've painted pumpkins (hope to carve some this weekend) and even dressed up a time or two!
Bowling at Shepard's Cross

Hanging out with the cute girls

Little buddies :-)

Rowynn chose to be Woody for Halloween
Rowynn, Brennyn and myself all got dressed up in our costumes last weekend because mommy is a goober. I was so sure that it was the weekend before Halloween and that our church's fall festival was going on, that I rushed around after nap time to get us all dressed to go play and get candy. I even ventured into Target dressed like a cowgirl so I could have cash on hand for any rides.
Then I figured out that the festivities were a full week away!

So Brennyn got to be a cowboy

He's wearing his hat, it just blends with the background

Sweetest baby cows I have ever encountered! I could have sat with them ALL day.

 The only way to get pictures of Rowynn during things like this, while he is moving! The kid was EVERYWHERE because there is so much to do at Carmichael's.

First pony ride!!

Hello Lucky. Thank you for taking good care of my little cowboy.

Brennyn wanted to ride to, maybe next year.

While waiting for our turn to get off the horse, Brennyn got to sneak in a little lovin' on the horse.

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