Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Boys

Well, Brennyn is growing like a weed. Our baby crawls on all fours, pulls up on anything that is at his level and can sit up on his own! Where has the time gone? It is crazy to fathom that he will be ten months in only two days. Craziness I tell you. CRAZINESS!

Rowynn is no bump on a log either, he is putting together more and more words, and getting closer to sentences. He loves to run, jump and try to workout with mommy. He is an animal lover. He loves on his brother every time Brennyn gets out of bed. He loves to work on puzzles and play with his shape sorter. He can identify and say around seven colors. He will, sometimes, count to five. The other night he "sang" the song, Do Your Ears Hang Low, all by himself with hand movements.

Needless to say, things around our house are crazy busy!

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oktoak said...

So funny that the sentence about loving on his brother follows your statement that Rowynn's an animal lover. At least Brennyn is more like a snuggly teddy "bear" than a roaring lion.