Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brennyn Update

Howdy all! I know it seems that I fell off the face of the planet, but things have been busy around here. I resumed subbing (a nice escape every now and then), we had a horrible stomach bug that hit all of us, plus a few others and now it is a slight cold trying to sneak up on us! Not to mention the normal house cleaning and laundry woes I deal with on a daily basis.

I promise I will get some pictures and blogging up soon. I have a bunch to put on here and I just have to find a little time!

For now though, I wanted to shout from the roof tops that Brennyn has pretty much mastered sitting up on his own! He sits in the high chair at dinner so we are all at the table!!! He has also started army crawling. Today he went from the living room to our sun room! Pretty crazy that I will have TWO mobile boys soon. Mommyhood is the best!

Not to be ignored, Rowynn has started putting his boots on by himself, he is saying tons more words and understands everything. Grandma Diana got him an iTouch for his birthday and he is loving all the games he gets to play. I love it because it is teaching him so many things, like animals, shapes and puzzles.

Life is crazy right now, but I will get some pictures and videos uploaded soon. Promise!

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