Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stats and Names

Rowynn went in for his fifteen month checkup and he is growing like a weed! Our "little" man measured in at 32 inches, which put him in the 90th percentile! As for weight, he is 24 lb 14 oz which puts him in the 50th percentile.

He did have to have one shot but, he took it "well". "Well" meaning he only cried for a short time.

Crazy to think that we will be seeing his pediatrician in 7 weeks but this time it will be for the new baby.

Speaking of new baby, I had originally announced that his name would be Nolynn Oliver but, things have changed! New baby has a different name......

Brennyn Laen Stamper (the middle name is pronounced Lane)

Hopefully this one is the keeper! Though, it better be since it will be stitched on his blanket!!

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Katie said...

Why the name change? Both are gorgeous and origional! Any special meaning?