Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Hair Cut

 Rowynn had his first hair cut today!! Thanks to my wonderful friend, Tammy Duff, who works at Sculptures salon, my little boy now looks like such a big boy. As you can tell, his hair was a little unruly before the trim!
*Sorry for the grainy, low quality pictures. These were taken with my cell phone since my camera battery was dead*

 He may have had some fly away hair but, he sure is stinkin' cute anyway!

After his cut, there were no more fly away strays. He just looked like he was ready to be shipped off to college. tear
 Look at my handsome boy!!!

 So grown up.
 Ready to take on the world as a "man". Well, our little man.

Since it has been forever since I posted, I decided to get some of my cell phone pictures uploaded just to tide you over until I get a new card reader. Believe me, once I get a card reader, you are going to be bombarded with pictures!
 Rowynn's dream car!! He threw a mini fit when we took him out. Maybe in another year little man, you can't even reach the peddles yet!
 Rowynn's first carnival ride!
He loved it! Thanks to daddy, he got to go down the slide four times.

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