Thursday, March 17, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

 And no, I am not talking about the bathing suit store!

Saturday ended up being a beautiful day in Oklahoma. I decided to take advantage of the warm, but not uncomfortably warm, weather by doing some gardening in Abigayl's garden. When Rusty saw his pregnant wife hard at work, he decided to get with it and do some of his own out door stuff.

Rusty's chores required a need for the water hose and all seemed fine and dandy. Yes, we did have a very cold and snowy winter but Rusty put those boob things over the spigot and we had no problems this winter.

It was a rude awakening when I walked into our sun room after a long nap to find my foot damp and a large wet spot on the carpet. Poor Rowynn, my first thought was that he was crawling around without a diaper and left me a spot on the carpet! Boy was I wrong. One of the spigot pipes had burst this winter but it didn't leak until we used the spigot and released the plunger to expose it to water. Thank goodness my husband is a plumber!
 Not only is he a plumber, but he has the best helper in the whole world!! Rowynn likes to "test" everything before daddy uses it. (no worries, that there spigot is nice and clean)
 Goodness, how did he get so cute?!
 And I absolutely adore his alfalfa hair!! It is always sticking up.
 Such a hard working man. Even on his day off he had to mess with pipes!

The really not so fun part, is that we are now going to "redecorate" the sun room. We weren't able to get the carpet thoroughly dry and it started to smell a couple of days after the mishap. Plus, Rusty had to cut into the wall to get to the water pipe.

In the mean time, this is what we are left with:

I'll keep you posted as things get done around here! It looks like we are going to tile by the back door, carpet the rest, paint the ceiling and repaint the trim and window sills.

Who wants to come to our house this weekend? I can cook you a meal or two if you are willing to help out my husband!!!

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