Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sun Room

Over the weekend we got busy on getting the sun room prepped for new carpet. It was a daunting task but the finished product was so worth it!
Rusty painted the ceiling and then laid down a tile floor in the "office" area. It is amazing how much brighter the office section looks now that the dingy carpet is gone! 

 Tada!! Our new UPDATED carpet! I just love to walk on it.
 Here is the new office area... such a big difference.

This is the tile and carpet together. Such a great match.
Though we were not expecting to get this room completed for a ways down the road, I am so happy with the results! The baseboards have a fresh coat of paint, the ceiling looks so much cleaner now that it has been painted, the carpet looks magnificent and updated and the tile floor will be so much easier to clean! I have to give a shout out to my awesome husband for doing such a great job on the floor... way to go babe!

All that is left is to patch a couple of spots in the walls and re-hang some of the pictures. I am one very happy wife!

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