Monday, November 8, 2010

Nine Months!!

Okay, so I'm a little late on this post because he turned nine months on Friday and we have arrived to Monday. Where does the time go?!

Rowynn now crawls, FAST, everywhere he wants to go. He also pulls up on whatever looks handy. So, we have had some bumps and bruising going on lately (hence the fireplace cushion!).
He really enjoys looking through his books. I try to read to him a couple times a day but mainly he just wants to look at the pictures and turn the pages.
He has started making this new face. It is one of my favorite looks! I call it his scrunchy face. 
I vacuumed on Friday. That means I went over and hit the green button on the top of the Roomba. Rowynn really enjoyed watching that! Normally the vacuuming gets done while he is sleeping or while we are gone. Rowynn enjoyed following it around.
 I'm gonna get you!!!
My dear friend, Joyce, made Rowynn this lovely and wonderful quilt. Rowynn has enjoyed playing on it but this was the only picture I could get of him where he wasn't a giant blur spot! Joyce is amazing, she made a quilt for us that is made from Abigayl's clothes and she also made us a quilt for our wedding present (which I sleep with every night!). I love you, Joyce. Thank you.

Today Rowynn had his check-up and he measured in at 30 1/4 inches (95%) and weighed 22 lb 2.5 oz (80%).

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