Monday, November 1, 2010


When my friend Katie invited me to be a fill-in in her Bunco group, I jumped at the chance! Especially since it was a costume Bunco party.

Rusty and I had already bought costumes for a couples party that didn't pan out so I was super excited to get to dress up!! Halloween is one of my favorite occasions because I absolutely love dressing up. Last year it just so happened that I found a reason too but felt like a goober when I met a woman I idolize!
This year I picked out Olive Oyl as my costume of choice. We really wanted to do a Star Wars them but it ended up being way more expensive than I had planned. I enjoyed being Olive Oyl though. Although, I felt a kind of huge in the costume since my belly is already protruding like I'm three months pregnant instead of a few weeks! In all of my pictures, I will admit to the fact, I have on my Spanx and I still couldn't get it to suck in a little further!
Here is Katie! She is Curious George (if you couldn't tell by the obvious embroidery on her shirt!) 
This was her second costume of the day! She is a first grade teacher and for school she went as a frog.
After our second round of Bunco, the hostess decided it would be fun to play a game of musical chairs. What a GREAT idea!! I haven't played musical chairs in FOREVER!

Katie knocked me out in the fourth round. Can you believe that she would take out the pregnant girl? Man, no fair!
It was a good time all around though! I'm glad Katie invited me because I had a BLAST!

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