Monday, November 1, 2010


Rowynn's first Halloween!!!!
 I think we were all excited! It was so fantastic to take him out trick-or-treating. Awkward, but fun.
 Plus, he looked so cute as Yoda!
  A lot of people thought he was Shrek.
 Rowynn hung out with Parker before we hit the neighborhood.
 My serious boys!
 I told Rusty that we will have to dress up every year. I think it will make it more fun for the kids (and us!) if we wear a costume every year.
 Besides, I think Rowynn enjoyed it!

The three musketeers! Rowynn is Yoda, Parker it The Thing and Chandler is a lion! I'm so glad that Rowynn will still get to feel like the little brother to these two boys. So cute.

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