Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Babymoon in Branson, MO

Rusty and I spent the weekend in Branson, MO. It was our last weekend away without a baby in tow! It was really nice because we were able to stay at Big Cedar on Table Rock Lake. Friday, we arrived to some VERY chilly, blustery weather. Luckily, Saturday and Sunday were in the mid 70's and beautiful!

Saturday we drove to Eureka Springs, AR and walked around all the boutiques. We were able to have lunch outside but I ended up with a sun burn... bummer! We went back to the lodge and played some put-put, walked around the grounds and had some ice cream.

On Sunday, we had brunch (the most incredible food!), shopped around at the gift store and then headed to down town Branson to take in the Titanic museum. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend, the only problem, it was not long enough!

Our view from the balcony

That is Table Rock Lake behind me

A view of the arm off of Table Rock Lake

Rusty hit both of our balls... I was afraid I would fall through the fish

In side the fishes mouth...

Rusty is in there... you can only barely see him

He won both games that we played!

Neither one of us could sink a hole-in-one... it was a pretty hard course

Waiting on the shuttle to take us to breakfast... that is one really nice thing about the lodge, door-to-door service Our building that we stayed in

Having an outdoor lunch... it was great. Eureka Springs is beautiful. But, it is really hard to walk all the hills while pregnant. My feet still hurt and are still swollen... hopefully that goes away soon!!

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