Thursday, August 2, 2012


 I have to begin by saying that I have been a Wiggles fan since I was introduced by my brother and sister-in-law 7-8 years ago, so this was a pretty exciting event for me! I was even more thrilled to get to share a special moment with Rowynn and Rusty.

Hurry up mom! I see a stop light.
Rowynn's very first souvenir

I love this photo :-)

Its starting!!

Greg, welcome back! How I have missed you.


Anthony, my favorite


Captain Feathersword

The Wiggles actually go out in the audience to collect all of the roses the kids brought for Dorothy. It was awesome, I just wish I would have know about this so we could have brought flowers.

LOVED the popcorn

Didn't even stop in the car. This kid probably ate half a bag all by himself.

And we couldn't end the night without some ice cream!
It was so great getting to have an outing with Rowynn. I think he enjoyed all of the activities.

I have to admit that at the end of the show when they were saying good-bye, I teared up since it was the last hurrah for Greg, Jeff and Murray. It was a great show and worth every penny.

Here's a peek of the show we saw:

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Powers Alaska said...

I am SO jealous!!!! How fun!!!