Sunday, May 27, 2012

Abigayl's 4th Birthday

 My cameras flash blinks the light a couple of times before the picture is actually taken, this was Rowynn's reaction. He then asked for more and the following happened...
 this was anticipation for what was to come (his eyes aren't even closed all the way)
 My sweet, happy boys.
 So much love between these two. Rowynn is such a hugger. He loves on his brother every time he gets up from a nap. It is the sweetest thing.
 Rowynn was giving Brennyn a pacifier
 We took Abigayl all of her birthday decorations

 This year I decided to make a flower cake instead of buying one. It was really nice to be the one to create it since it made it more personal for me.
I have been so blessed. Though my heart aches and I miss my baby girl, I always look at these three boys in my life and know that God truly has blessed me. I'm thankful for the time I had with my girl, and there are days when I feel the sting of the events that I will never get to have with her, I always keep in the forefront of my mind the times I will get to have with my boys.

I'm so thankful for a husband who loves me, even though I can be a bear to love at times. He is the most wonderful father to our boys and the best husband to me.

Abigayl Marie Stamper, I love you my sweet angel. My heart aches that you are not here with me anymore and my arms long to hold you. When I snuggle your chunky little brother, I sometimes close my eyes and imagine it is you. I always loved kissing on you big, chunky cheeks. I'm thankful that your brother is like you. I love you so much my baby girl. I miss you every single day. I'm so thankful that I will get to see you again one day, and that knowledge brings me so much peace. Love you. Mommy


Powers Alaska said...

Love you all so much!

Katie Smith said...

Your cake turned out beautiful! Awesome job! Rowynn cracks me up with the flash thing. That's funny! I can't believe is been 4 years. I never even got to meet your sweet butterfly, but I feel like I know her so well. Her Lil light sure shines bright through her family.