Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Rowynn really likes to be "helpful". Here is a prime example. Surely daddy must need help on this step stool! Good thing there were no tools lying around, that's when it really becomes a headache.
 'Look mom, I'm a big boy'

 Guess who figured out how to remove his diaper?! Little stinker.

 Rowynn's first trip to the McD's play area! He didn't really get into it because he was to busy watching all of the other kids play.
 He did go down the slide a couple of times. Nothing he hasn't done at home so he wasn't very thrilled. The funny thing was that we bought him an ice cream and he completely ignored it so he could watch the other kids. Is this my child?!
 Here's what Brennyn thought of the whole thing!
 Daddy bought Rowynn his first coloring book and crayons. Yay! (dripping with sarcasm) Now Rowynn can "color" the walls and doors.
 Mommy bought a puzzle because I would rather pick up the eight pieces every day rather than clean off the walls every day.
I must say, he is getting VERY good at putting together his puzzles.

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