Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Year Down, A Lifetime to Go

A few weeks ago I wrote about the plateau that I have hit with my weight loss. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my diet plays the biggest role in the lack of weight loss over the past couple of months. I also know, I don't want "perfection" bad enough to give up the foods I love. I'm sorry, I can't live on grilled, lean proteins and steamed/raw veggies, and still have happy taste buds. I do the best I can to prepare healthy, fresh meals. I keep our intake of processed food to a minimum.

I fail miserably when it comes to sugar. I limit the kids, but not myself.

Anyway, I found my tape measure!! Yay. So here are my results after ONE YEAR of working out and eating pretty healthy:

Start Weight:  162+ (I didn't weigh myself until 3 weeks after I started working out)
Today's Weight:  143 (And not budging!)

                    Start              Today
Bust             38.5               36
Chest           35                  32.5
Waist           34.5               30
"Pooch"       38.75             35
Hips            40.5               37.5
R Thigh       23.5               21
L Thigh       23.25             20. 75

The math on that: 19 lbs gone and 21.25 inches gone.

I still have work to do on my tummy area and I would still love to hit 130 lbs. But, I refuse to beat myself up about my body because it has produced three beautiful kids and I think I'm just dealing with my "battle wounds" from pregnancy.

Unless we have another kid, all the weight lost and inches lost, are not welcome back!!

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