Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kiddie Park Fun

 I love having a kid at the age where we get to attend birthday parties! Last night a friend had her son's party at the Bartlesville Kiddie Park. This amazing little park charges $0.25-0.50 per ride! Super cheap. This park has been around for decades and some people I've talked to remember when the rides were only $0.05!!!

It was our first time to ever try it out and I'm totally kicking myself that we didn't take Rowynn last summer. He would have loved it! Oh well, now that we've been introduced, I'm sure we will go often.

Rowynn was ready to ride as soon as we got to the park!
 Rowynn's first choice? The cars.

 He had a blast getting to ride with his friends. It was so much fun watching him run from one ride to another. Best place for a kid his age!
 He loved the swings and he even rode the planes you see behind the swings! I just didn't have my camera with me when he did it.
 Brennyn was even able to partake in the fun! In the end, we let me go around on the cars a couple of times. It was pretty neat to see the boys getting to ride together.

I have a feeling that the kiddie park will be seeing a lot of us this summer!! I can't wait.

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