Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This And That

 A few weeks ago we were able to make a family trip to the zoo. It was an unseasonably warm day, which we have had a lot this year, and a nice afternoon out.  Rowynn was able to ride the merry-go-round for the first time! He was very unsure at the beginning and was asking to get down almost as soon as I got him up on the tiger. After going round and round and up and down, he was asking for more as soon as the ride ended!

 Brennyn just continues to grow! He now has his bottom two teeth and he has one of his top teeth poking through. The horrible part, he grinds his teeth together. I'm not sure how he is able to grind his teeth when the top tooth has barely broken the skin. Some how he pulls it off and he sends chills down my spine every time.

 To aid in the teething, we decided to offer him a pacifier. I think this one was a little to small.
 I sure love this super handsome boy
 We now read lots of stories. He loves to grab a book and climb on a lap and just read and look at pictures.

I now combine bath time. I love it. It is cute and it saves me time. It will be wonderful when Brennyn can sit up and interact with Rowynn.

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