Monday, January 31, 2011


Here in the great state of Oklahoma we had some unseasonably nice weather. We had two days in a row that got into the mid-seventies!!! It was AMAZING.

Rusty had to go to a class, but I was able to talk my friend Katie (and her family) to go to the zoo for the morning. My goodness it was great!

Did you see the baby chimp in the above picture? He's giving his mommy (or daddy) a nice little baby chimp hug! It reminds me of me and my baby!
Speaking of my baby, he was an absolute sweetheart that day. Even though he had decided to skip his morning nap, he was still such a good boy. Plus, he is just oh so handsome!!
While in the rain forest portion of the zoo, we decided to get a group shot of all the boys. Let's just say that my little guy did not want to cooperate on this little adventure. His sleepiness must have kicked in or something. 
Chandler and Parker were as cute as a button though! 
 And so good with my little stinker.
At this point Rowynn looked to Shaun for saving. You can read the desperate cry for help in those innocent eyes. "Please Shaun, they are torturing me!"

Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, my boy is DAYS away from turning ONE! Can you believe it? This time last year my little guy was all snug and warm in my belly and now he is crawling his way around the house.

Every now and then he will forget to hold on and just stand there (picture 3) but he won't let me get any pictures that are of his whole body so I have a hard time being able to capture moments! My son is a HAM! He is a camera loving fool but refuses to love it from a distance. Nope, he has to be with in touching distance if the camera is out.

Rowynn is all boy. Who would have thought that a boy would come into this world knowing to play with cars and even make car noises when playing! He never seizes to amaze me. I think watching him is one of my favorite pass times!

Also, my baby now says ma-ma!!! This started on the 25th of January. I'm not sure he knows that I'm ma-ma or if it is a noise he makes. Either way, I'll take it!

*he loves to chew on wipes (that's what is in all the pictures). I try not to let him do it but he pulls the wipes out when I'm not looking and just sucks on them. I hope he won't get sick! He's a goober.

Monday, January 24, 2011


 I think I may have finally achieved getting Rusty a gift he actually liked. So much so that it was out of the box and the battery was on the charger two seconds after he got the gift!
Rowynn on the other hand, not as thrilled!

No, it is not Rusty's birthday yet (2 more days) but I thought it would be fun for him to get to open and play with it this week. I'm just a good wife that way!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


 I really wish I could figure out how to start my blogging ABOVE the first picture! It is killing me that I always have to start under the first picture because it throws things off. Sorry that you all have to put up with my stupid blogging misfortune!

Okay, pretend this part is ABOVE the picture. My day started off with breakfast with my father-in-law at Hard Rock. Yummy as always and I didn't have to dirty a dish. It has become quite our weekly thing to meet up so Rowynn can visit with his grandpa.

After breakfast (and a 30 minute nap!), my very dear friend, Katie, came and picked me up for an afternoon girls date!

As soon as I got in the car she handed me the sweetest gift, a charm bracelet that had charms to represent Abigayl, Rowynn and our friendship. I cried. I'm pregnant and a big baby, so I cried!

We then ate lunch but mainly talked. It's what girls do. We T-A-L-K! Time flew and before we knew it it was time to head to the theater. We watched "How Do You Know" and laughed. It was slow at times but it was a good movie.

After getting home, we sat in my driveway for a few more minutes... and talked! I was telling her that I didn't think Rusty had any plans and asked her if she would want to go to an evening movie if that was the case!

When I walked in the door I walked in to (above) flowers on our entry way table and a yummy ice cream cake!
 I love ice cream cake! He hit it perfectly! Chocolate cake, peanut butter chocolate ice cream and chocolate frosting. YUUUMMMM!!!!!

Five minutes after I walked in the door he said his mom had pulled in. I thought this strange at first but he then told me he asked her to come up so we could have dinner! How sweet! Total surprise!

While out with Katie, I had bought some household necessities but then left them in her car. Before heading to dinner, we stopped by to pick up my things. Rusty said, "who's hungry" and Katie and Shaun both said they were. Another surprise! Katie and Shaun were joining us for dinner at Osaka. I'm so glad Rusty picked Osaka because I have been CRAVING some good ol' hibachi style cooking.

 Food hot off the cook top? YES PLEASE!
 I sure do love my man! (don't mind the red nose... I caught a stupid cold)
 Awww, what a great day with one of my best friends!
 The charm bracelet Katie got me! Blue footprints for Rowynn, butterfly and pink footprints for Abigayl, friends charm for Katie and I, diamond ring for my blissful marriage with Rusty and a shoe since I have an obsession with shoes!
Such a magical day! I just felt spoiled, surprised and LOVED all day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

29.... WHAT!?!

Well, as of today I have entered into my last year of my 20's. One year from today I will be thththththirty! I guess I will relish in my 29th year on this earth. I know it will be a great one because no matter if I am blessed with a girl (fingers crossed) or a boy, this baby will be such a blessing to our family. YAY for 29!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow!

 We finally got some snow last night and I am LOVING it! Rowynn has a little cold so we didn't want to take him out in it but we did let him "play" in it...
 Still all smiles even with a cold!
 First touch!!

I'm pretty sure he liked it. He kind of threw a little fit when we closed the door and locked it. Though, I'm not sure if the mini-fit was over not being able to touch the snow anymore or the fact that he couldn't play with the door by opening and shutting it! Little goober.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 I know it has been FOREVER and I am so sorry. I'm glad that you still come back to check the site! Rowynn keeps me running around like crazy and majority of the time won't let me take pictures unless they are of him crawling up my leg trying to get the camera! I was able to capture a few though and I thought I would share.
 This is Rowynn's favorite spot in the house! He loves that he can fall backward and land on a soft cushion.
 He also likes to try to get the plug covers off. I have ones throughout the house that are made to come out more easily and boy do they ever! You know they don't work when your baby can get them out. So, I had to switch to the ones I hate. I hate them because they are so hard to get out!!
 Our eleven month old boy sprouted his eighth tooth!! So, he has been a chewing, drooling, fussy mess the last couple of days.
 Oh, he saw the camera!
Hello mama!

For the past two weeks I have watched three really sweet boys and I think it has been an awesome experience for both Rowynn and I. Since the boys started coming over, Rowynn has taken to eating solids. Granted, baby food is out of the question but he loves bananas, Gerber finger snacks, mandarin oranges, hot dogs, cheese and lots of other stuff. 

He also has learned to try to play with the boys and I love watching him flourish with the big kids. I think having all these other kids around is good practice for when he has a little sibling!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eleven Months and On the Move!

Sorry there have been a lack of pictures here on R and R. My son crawls at the camera as soon as it is pointed at him. I can never get any candid shot of him playing since he some how has a sixth sense when that camera comes out.

You will just have to visualize the one I really wanted to take. I was in the middle of changing his diaper-which is always a chore these days- when once again he flipped over and took off crawling across the floor, naked hiney is all I could see! He crawled over to the fireplace and stood up to play with some toys (insert cute mental picture here) and then he grabs a toy off the fireplace and sits down on the floor with his back turned to me... adorable!

Can you believe that Rowynn is 11 months already!?! My goodness the time flies when there is a baby in the picture. I'm already starting to plan his 1st birthday!

Now that he is eleven months, he is waving and he scoots his way along the couch or counter or from tall toy to tall toy. I'm hoping that this means there will be some walking in his near future! He is also getting a little more brave about standing by himself for 1-2 seconds at a time. It is incredible to watch a baby grow from a little lump of skin to a functioning little person! I have enjoyed the journey thus far and pray that Rowynn's days by far exceed mine.

During the week Rowynn is enjoying play time with three very lovely boys. I think, now that he is used to the daily routine, he is really enjoying getting to play with the bigger boys everyday. And thankfully they are pretty good about letting him follow them around and play with the toys they are playing with.

I promise I will try to get some good pictures of my little man. I know that is why most of you come to the site! I will for sure do my best.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year (a few days late)!!

Our house wasn't all that exciting over New Year's Eve but we did get some stuff accomplished. By we, I mean that Rusty did some wonderful projects around the house!

I now have a usable, large pantry where a coat closet used to be- it's right across from the kitchen so it ties in well. I have a built in shoe rack in my closet and that allowed me to move my other shoe rack into the mud room for all the seasonal shoes. Plus, Rusty installed some hooks in the mud room so we have a place to catch all of our jackets, hats and scarves!

*side note: when rusty built me new shelves and I started rearranging my shoes, it forced me to purge ten pairs! I think I have a shoe hoarding problem. Please send help IMMEDIATELY! 

No worries, I didn't just sit around like a bump on a log (though I'm starting to feel more and more like one!). There was lots of food cooking going on in the kitchen and then a lot of kitchen cleaning over the weekend! Not only that, I had to get the house cleaned and prepared for the three awesome boys that will be spending the next five months (M-F) hanging out with me and Rowynn.

Along with house cleaning, cooking and Rusty projects, we put away all of our indoor Christmas decorations and Rusty hauled them back up to the attic.

Poor Rowynn woke up from a nap and all of a sudden his tree and pretties were all gone. I believe he may have been a bit confused and disoriented when we woke up from that nap! Poor guy.

With the New Year brought some new Rowynn tricks. Rowynn woke up one morning (of course it was the morning that I slept in!) and started saying la, la, la, la!! The way I see it, that is one step closer to MA, MA, MA, MA!! WooHoo! And, he "walked" ~15 feet with the help of his Fisher Price Stride and Ride Dino we got from hosting the Fisher Price party! It was AWESOME to see him actually upright!

All in all, I think this will be an outstanding year. I have no complaints about last year because we have the sweetest little guy to look at every day and I'm looking forward to adding to our family this year. I just hope this won't become a yearly post! I'd like to try not to have one kid every year, I think I would pass out from exhaustion at some point.

My prayer is that you all have a WONDERFUL, BLESSED and HAPPY year this year.